You've got something you want to say but after four hours and five cups of tea you are still stuck on the first paragraph. Whatever you write just doesn't sound like you. Your business is doing some really cool stuff and yet typed onto an Instagram post or email it just doesn't...sit right. And it takes up SO much time when you have so much else you need to do.

Perhaps you quite like writing but spend the same four hours doubting yourself and editing your sentences again and again because you lack confidence in your words.

I like nothing more than working with women who need and want to tell better stories. Whether that be through writing (or helping you to write) more engaging copy and content OR through my own writing community, Journaling Wild - where we get in touch with ourselves and our creativity using words.

My background is actually in HR - ten years spent designing and delivering leadership training for large corporates. I then ran my own business successfully for six years delivering workshops and courses. I fell into content and copy writing over the pandemic (though my degree is in English) and wrote my first book of poetry during that time - Motherhood Minus the Medals (link). I started out writing marketing content for one client and the work just kept coming. Turns out I'm good with words. I'm learning to say that out loud without cringing! The majority of my projects come from word of mouth which is the biggest compliment.

I also write articles and speak on the subject of parenting, feminism, journaling and life. I founded @guiltymothersclub in 2016 - a platform which I use to share my experiences of trying to smash the patriarchy with little ones in tow.

I'm happiest when life slows down. Spending time outdoors with my little tribe (I have four young children), laughing out loud and buying more books than I will have time to read in a lifetime.

Oh, and possibly most importantly, I am on a life-long mission to find the best millionaires shortbread. If you know of anywhere I need to visit for great cakes and coffee, can you let me know?