Hi I'm Helen,

I create under the name Nelly Bryce. It was my grandmother’s name. She hated it. So I decided to love it for her.

Right now I'm probably writing, mainly poetry. Lots of poetry. And also a blog and community called Journaling Wild - for women who love writing for fun.

Or I'm drinking coffee, reading a book and eating the sort of cake people say you can't finish in one sitting - I absolutely can.

Actually, in reality I'm probably chasing four young kids around whilst swearing under my breath but did I mention I'm great at telling a good story!


From website copy through to newsletter/blog writing, social media copy through to jazzing up a report, tell me what you want to say and I'll grab my pen.

I also deliver journaling workshops for brilliant businesses and organisations.


You might not call yourself a writer but then…you do LOVE writing.

Journaling Wild is a newsletter and community for women who want to write for the joy of writing. If you are a book-loving, notebook collecting, wordy lady then you'll find yourself right at home. Feel-good journaling, poetry and creative inspiration this way.


Motherhood Minus the Medals - By Nelly Bryce

"I don't want to be more than just a mother. I want just a mother to be more than it so often is."

Modern motherhood is full of complexities and contradictions. You can feel lonely despite never having any time alone, be filled with joy and despair, deep love and a deep desire to escape to freedom. You can find connection, feel isolated, wonder how you are going to get through the day ahead and find strength you never knew you possessed, all within a few hours.

Motherhood minus the medals navigates the landscape of what it means to be a mother in the 21st century, in a role you can't prepare for, which can at once feel like the most valuable and least valued thing you'll ever do.

Nelly Bryce vents her frustrations, celebrates the magic, and embraces you along the way in this thoughtful, questioning and comforting collection of poems.

Must have! Such an amazing collection of poems.

I love this book. I have it on my desk and every so often pick it up and indulge in one of the poems at random.

Every poem is like a reassuring hug with a friend. It helps you to feel less alone on the journey through motherhood, whilst being about to laugh, cry and appreciate your own journey. You need it!

Perfectly captures all the feelings for mums everywhere!

Fantastic - so many times I have dipped in to this and found just the right poem for the moment - I had to order more as gifts for friends who are new mums!

For more than mothers.

Nelly Bryce has self published something so powerful here.. there's something that pulls my breath straight through my heart on nearly every page

More than poetry. For more than mothers. For a better future. Read this.